Finding the perfect gift.

Let’s talk new baby gifts! The number one thing I hear at the store is what to get as a new baby/shower gift – I always follow up with the these questions:

Baby’s gender – though it seems so many people these days aren’t finding out (I don’t know how they stand it! I couldn’t WAIT to find out both times!) but we make even that easy too! We stock so many gender-neutral styles, you can pick out entire outfits with accessories and be set for a boy or girl!

Material preference – some parents opt for organic cotton only, which we have a huge selection of! We know how important good fabrics are, especially for sensitive newborn skin. There is a designated organic collection on our website, and in store I’ve made sure to add a sticker to make it easy to spot the material you’re looking for.

The time of year is also a very important factor when shopping for a baby shower gift – I know before I had kids, it never occurred to me to think about what season I was buying for! New parents tend to be gifted a lot of newborn – 3 month clothing, that’s why I personally like to buy for 6 months or up, and make sure I’m buying the right season!

A few great go-to gifts for anyone that’s truly unsure of what to get are swaddle blankets and footed pajamas – these are items that you can never have too many of and WILL definitely be used. Swaddles can be intimidating at first, but there are a ton of free resources online that show you step by step how to wrap so they sleep, well, like a baby!

A few of our most popular ‘aww-worthy’ gifts are: playmats – these are a best-seller and come in the cutest, SOFTEST designs! We have the giraffe for our daughter, who is almost two and still loves to lay on it. Gift box sets are always a good choice – we have these ones for boys and girls. These adorable, cheeky little socks are one of our top sellers (they come in about 10 different sayings!) and are a great filler for gifts. You can also click here to go directly to our gift guide collection on our website!

If you’re still stumped, stop by the store and I would be more than happy to help you pick out the PERFECT gift! Not local? Give me a call and I’ll walk with you through our website and curate the perfect cart for you!

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